Water Cutting

Water cutting service - a high-precision machine

The use of waterjet technology allows for precise cutting with a water jet.
To put it simply, this method involves using a stream of water with extreme pressure to process materials.

We provide our services using technologically advanced equipment that allows cutting almost any material with dimensions not exceeding 2000×4000 mm and a maximum thickness of 250 mm, which allows us to carry out the most demanding projects.

- Quality classes -

The WaterJet device meets the needs of users in terms of cutting flat elements from all materials (e.g. metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone, rubber, composites, wood) directly from CAD files and DXF. Ultrahard, reflective or brittle materials are also no problem for MAXIEM WaterJet devices.

Cutting with the MAXIEM device allows you to save operating time and reduce material consumption.

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